Water cartage when you need it

We specialise in domestic and commercial water cartage for your water needs. Need to fill a tank, pool or just some bulk water on demand? We have you covered. Our drivers are courteous, friendly, clean and professional. All team members at Water Please provide exceptional customer experiences with every delivery made.

Our tankers have a short wheelbase, which enables tight-space manoeuvrability for jobs with challenging boundaries. Our 80-metre hoses can do the rest!

Water Tanks

At Water Please, we understand that fresh, clean water is a basic need, not a want. That’s why we deliver when you need it. You can be assured all water delivered by our team is food-grade and sourced from Rous County Council. Our well-maintained tankers are also food registration certified. These water cartage tankers can deliver up to 13,000 litres per load and are equipped with modern software to keep our friendly drivers on track with every delivery.

They have the directions they need to arrive on time and comply with any specific requests like:

• Gates that need to be shut
• Where dogs are on your property
• Where not to drive the water cartage tanker
Water Truck — Water Please in Lennox Head, NSW
Pool — Water Please in Lennox Head, NSW


The licensed and insured team at Water Please are professional and courteous while providing crystal clear water for all residential and commercial swimming pools. The filling of a pool requires a significant amount of water so bringing it in via water cartage is a cost and time-efficient solution.

If you are building or installing a new pool, we can work with your contractors to ensure the water they need is there when they need it. We also understand that sometimes things don’t go to schedule so a level of flexibility is required with every new build. Our water cartage tankers can deliver up to 13,000 litres per load and we offer multi-trip discounts for larger orders. Contact one of our team to discuss your requirements.


Water Please caters to the water cartage needs of small, medium and large commercial and industrial operations. We meet your water demands to allow your business to continue without interruptions—either regular scheduled deliveries or adhoc when you need them. We also provide onsite servicing by the hour if required. Professionalism and safety are held in high regard by all the Water Please team. That is why we are fully insured with safety-inducted white card operators. We remain in full compliance with all regulatory agencies.

We also understand the processes and workings of business-to-business relations, so contracts and accounts are available upon request. Some of our ongoing clients include:
  • Pool construction companies
  • New tank installers
  • Real estate companies
  • Drilling companies
  • Construction companies
We are here to exceed your expectations and earn your long-term business.
Water Delivery — Water Please in Lennox Head, NSW